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Why Should I Choose Fusion Real Estate to Manage My Property?

Here are some of many reasons why you should choose Fusion Real Estate to lease and manage your property.

  • Exceptional quality of customer service tailored to suit your individual needs.
  • Industry and relatable personal experience to understand you better.
  • Extensive knowledge of the tenancy process and legislation.
  • Communication is our priority. We will always endeavour to respond to your queries as soon as possible.
  • We are a family owned and run business and we treat you like family and your home like our own.
  • We choose to stay current by using secure, cloud-based technology that allows us to be pro-active when it comes to your asset.
  • Our owner and tenant portals are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world with Internet, so that you can be as up to date with your tenancy as you want.
  • We are constantly improving our knowledge and offering
  • And most of all, we listen.


Helping You Find the Perfect Tenant!

We at Fusion Real Estate are committed to providing exceptional, hassle free service to ensure your property is well maintained.

Our team of expert rental professionals ensure that your property is effectively managed and well maintained.


The Leasing Process

Leasing your property can sometimes be frustrating. Finding the right tenants is crucial. At Fusion Real Estate, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide a high standard of customer service. A substantial part of that service includes sourcing, identifying and thoroughly screening potential tenants that are most suitable for your property.

The leasing process includes marketing your property and conducting home opens on weekdays, some evenings and weekends. Viewings can also be scheduled by appointment. After each home open, you will be updated with a summary of attendants at the viewing. You will also be provided a weekly report on the progress of the leasing.

Any potential tenants are required to complete an application, which includes current and historical rental, personal and work references. We also complete a search on the National Tenancy Database for any notations against their name.

We will offer you all the options and guide you with our recommendations of the tenant selection, though ultimately, the decision is yours.


Property Condition Report

A legislative requirement when leasing a property, a Property Condition Report will capture the condition of your home at the commencement of each tenancy. Exterior and interior details of the property are recorded in this very detailed report, along with a plethora of photographical evidence, which are then provided to the tenant when they move in. They will have 7 days to return with their comments or simply sign in agreement.

Any discrepancies will be compared at the end of the tenancy and is integral should any disputes occur.


Maintenance & Repair

We ensure that the tenants meet their obligations of maintenance such as lawns and gardens, unless alternative agreements exist.

If any maintenance or repair is required, we contact you immediately with written details. Our network of tradespeople are competent, cost effective and guarantee their work. A tradesperson can be organised on your behalf or quotes obtained on request.

“Do I have to get it fixed?” One of the most frequently asked question and the short answer is usually yes.

If the item is included in the property, you as the Owner must provide it in working order (unless written into the lease agreement) and maintain the item. For example, if the property is leased with an air conditioner, then it must be working throughout the tenancy. All repairs to the property are at the Owner’s cost. However, if the maintenance required is due to the tenant’s fault, then the tenant must reimburse you for the cost of repair.

Essential service repairs must be attended to within 24 hours. These include repairs to: a burst water service; gas leak; broken hot water system; sewerage leaks or dangerous electrical faults. In these instances, if the Property Manager or Owner cannot be contacted within 24 hours, the tenant may arrange for their own qualified repairer and be reimbursed by the Owner.

Other urgent repairs are items that may cause damage to the house, injury to a person or cause undue hardship to the tenants. These will have a 48 hour time frame to have the repair attended to.

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